Meet Daniel

Daniel Corona for Mayor

"Your voice in City Hall"

A Lifetime of West Wendover Pride

         I was born August 5, 1991 just a month before on July 1, 1991 our city was incorporated so technically we have grown up together. I attended West Wendover Elementary and graduated from West Wendover High School. After high school I attended the University of Utah for two years before moving back to West Wendover for a year before moving to Las Vegas. Once in Las Vegas I began taking courses at the College of Southern Nevada. Currently I am working on finishing up my degree at Great Basin College. 

       I moved back to West Wendover because I missed being close to my family and my city. I love West Wendover and am committed to making it the best possible place to live for future generations. One of the main areas I am currently working on approving in the community is programs for the youth of our community to take part in during the summer months. Another area is cleaning up our community throughout the summer I plan to hold several events to clean up different areas of our community. 

      I love this city and regardless if I become mayor or not I plan to continue to work towards solving the problems we face. I hope you join me in this journey together we can make West Wendover the best that it can be!