The Issues

Daniel Corona for Mayor

"Your voice in City Hall."​
Vote for West Wendover's future November 8th, 2016

"Your voice in City Hall."

I decided to run for mayor because over the last several years the people in our community have not had their voices heard. As your mayor I will listen to your concerns and work with you to find solutions to the problems facing our community. It is my commitment that I will use my position to stick up for you and make your voices heard in City Hall. I look forward to meeting with as many in the community as I can throughout the course of this campaign and earn your vote November 8th.
"I believe that we must diversify our economy if we are to ever grow our city."
We as a city must actively persue new industry to ensure economic stability. Over ten years ago the city developed an industrial park. In the time since we have only seen two new business open up in the industrial park. During the same time period elsewhere in the state industrial parks have been filling up rapidly. As mayor I would like to assign someone to be a business liasion for the city to go out and find businesses that are looking to move/expand and bring them to West Wendover. 
Youth Involvement
"I believe any successful community must invest in programs for its youth."
The youth is the future of our community and we must invest in programs that give them not only tools to succeed in life, but also a sense of ownership in the community. One of the first programs that I hope to create would be a youth city council. This youth council would serve as an advisory board to the city government on matters pertaining to the youth in the city. Another program I would like to see be created would be a summer internship program for high school juniors and seniors in each city department. This program would give the youth of the city an oportunity to learn about city services and how our city is run. 
"I believe we must bring developers into the community to build new housing to support future growth."
The new long canyon mine project roughly 20 miles outside of town has the potential to bring a tremendous amount of growth to the area. As a city we should do everything in our power to make sure that we are ready for that growth, the most important way to do that is to bring new housing projects to the community. One way to attract developers it to give them incentives to build 10 or more homes, such as discounts on city owned lots. 
"I believe for a community to be able to attract growth it must have 24 hour emergency healthcare."
Between West Wendover and Wendover, UT there are nearly 7,000 residents in our community on any given weekend that number grows to 15,000-20,000. In my mind it is completely unacceptable that a city of our size and with the amount of tourist in our community every weekend that the only healthcare that is available is Monday-Friday 7am-6pm. We must as a city actively work toward bringing a 24 hour emergency healthcare provider to the area.